Eight Media Technology students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences grouped up together with one goal: creating a game with great gameplay but a different take on gaming. This website will inform you about everything we do. Together we create an unique epic game within only 12 weeks.

The roots of our team are widespread. We have different teammembers with skills in development and/or design. In the last phase of our study we’ve got one thing in common: following the minor programme Game Design & Development. We think these widespread skills combined will result in a game that everyone is gonna love.

Meaning of Cetus Studios

Cetus Studios is derived from a constellation named Cetus. This constellation counts fourteen stars, which is the amount of members we started this project with. After a hard decision we had to split up but we still continue with this name. Cetus Studios is the name we spread out to people that are interested in the process of developing an indie game.

What do we do

We produce an indie game with the development kit Unity. After 6 weeks of small 2D mobile game experience in Unity, we grouped up to big teams with the goal of making a 3D game. Within this team there are multiple jobs that has to be done: development, design, art & marketing. On our news page you can find more posts about our process.