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The Dummy Experiment

Scientist Strohmann loves to play around with all kinds of crazy stuff. This time he thought of a cruel and inhumane experiment in which his test subject, Dummy 44, will experience a horrible and terrifying pain. Your role is to help Dummy 44 to escape the laboratory forever.

The Gameplay

Balancing mechanic
As a dummy that just got his first experience in walking you use your balance to move away and escape the horrible experiment you were exposed to. Not only do you use this balance to get moving, but also in order to dodge objects and face obstacles that you will encounter.

It is important to keep your balance so you won't fall over. Once you move you can't stop. Stay focused, and remember... Rushing around the terrain will only make it harder.

When you're escaping you have to cross different areas. You start by balancing your way out. When you taught yourself these basics the obstacles will increase their difficulty. Later on you will experience different types of terrains, you have to stay close to your position in order to use moving objects and you will play with gravity.

Sounds easy right? Right... We dare you.